AS part of the GDPR efforts, Cooladata now enables you to anonymize personal data in your project.  Since you control what data you send to Cooladata and what is stored, you are responsible for defining what is personal information and what is not.

This feature will allow you to hash properties marked as personal user information.  

Notice that we automatically collect IPs so if you need the IPs we have collected to be hashed before they are stored you are responsible to use this functionality to set this up.  Hashing IP’s will not affect the geolocation enrichment we provide out-of-the box.

Keep in mind that this feature will only hash future data being sent to Cooladata and will not update historical data.

Marking Properties as Personal Information

  1. In Cooladata, go to the project menu -> properties – to see the project’s properties list
  2. Search for the wanted property and click on it
  3. In the Edit Property side bar mark the “anonymize data” to mark this property as data that should be hashed:

Notice that STRING type properties will be hashed using MD5 so the data will remain unique per value, but INTEGER,FLOAT and TIMESTAMP data types will be Nullified.


Setting up a project wide condition for anonymizing data

You can also set up a project-wide condition to define that only data that meets this condition will be hashed. Due to legal issues, this is done offline using a form. Please contact or your CSM to set this up.

Once you set up a condition, all properties with “anonymize data” checked will be hashed once the condition will be true. Even if the property will be marked after setting up the condition.


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