This section describes the application programming interfaces (APIs) that are available for the CoolaData platform. The APIs enable customers to directly access the CoolaData platform (for example, using CoolaSQL (CQL) querying) directly or via 3rd party tools.
The REST-like API, which allows you to use and extend CoolaData’s Platform, provides access to CoolaData Discovery and Query capabilities. The CoolaData REST APIs are a set of URI resources, which grant access to data views.
CoolaData’s URI resources provide access for discovering metadata and executing queries.
The URI resources are now presented in the order of a typical API workflow:
  • Discovery API: This refers to the API that exposes information about the metadata.
  • Query API: The Query API enables you to query a data source using the CoolaData platform.
  • Delete API: Allows you to request to delete a specific user’s historical events and sessions from Cooladata.
  • User Update API: Enables updating user scope property values for specific users without having to send events.
  • User Identitities Matching API: Enables coupling between a registered user ID and an anonymous user ID without having to send events.


All of Cooladata’s API’s require Authorization Tokens.
Each Cooladata user has each own authorization token for carrying out API requests. Your Authorization Token can be found in the Cooladata App by clicking on the user icon in the top right hand side of the application:
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