AppJolt lets you analyze, recapture, survey and monetize users who update & uninstall your app.

Integrating AppJolt with Cooladata allows you to append your existing analytics with uninstall data, link to any event you are currently tracking, and instantly find out who, why and when users are uninstalling your apps.

For example:

  • You invested in paid acquisition campaigns, but did you measure which campaign has the highest uninstall rate? Track each media source all the way to the uninstall event.
  • Tie in any behavior, retention and user engagement metric you are currently tracking all the way to the user uninstall.
  • Track specific cohorts and profiles to see who is uninstalling your app.
  • Integrate in less than five minutes to enhance your existing in-app reports with uninstall data.
  • Available for both iOS and Android
  • Free service to all developers regardless of uninstall volume

Upon the uninstallation event, Appjolt sends the event to CoolaData and it is added to that user’s events, and can be associated to any other action performed by that user.


Integration with CoolaData

Setup the integration in two quick steps:

  1. Connect to Cooladata in Appjolt admin console: In Appjolt’s developer zone, click on the CoolaData icon and enter your CoolaData app key, as found in the project>Tracking page.
  2. Identify your users in Appjolt: Identify the user by using the setIdentify(id) method. Pass Appjolt the same userId you pass to CoolaData in the initialization of the app or the event tracking. For example:
    String userId = "user_id"; // sample user ID, replace with actual
    // CoolaData Init - with user ID
    "app_key": "aknek0zuo8i4ztcmgopn5wotsceg80m9" // sample app key, replace with actual
    // Appjolt UserId identifying

    For more information on user identification see Appjolt Identifying Users for Analytic Partners documentation.

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