Analysis and Data Visualization

  • Updated Pivot chart:
    • Menu items moved to top right (were previously in a standalone row), to free more area for the visualization.
    • Control whether to show function in column titles, e.g. “Sum of Users” or just “Users”. Change from the toggle in the chart settings.
    • Export to CSV/Excel from charts (previously only possible from grid). Click the export button and choose “To Excel” or “To CSV”.
    • Calculated columns shown in flat mode. Switch pivot grid to flat mode from the layout button.
  • Funnel breakdown by time: compare funnel conversion over different time spans – months, weeks, days, etc. Choose breakdown by a time range in funnel report to show the visualization categorized by time. By default, the first 5 sections are selected. Change the selected categories from the breakdown selection in the preview.
  • KPI breakdown by week supports localized week start day: by default, weeks start on Mondays. To change this please contact your CSM or email us at
  • Aggregation Tables: renamed “Material Views” to “Aggregation Tables”. Found in the project menu (accessible on by project admins). Other functions remain unchanged.
  • CQL validation shown in full-screen mode: edit long CQL queries more comfortable by switching to full-screen mode. Click the button at the top right of the CQL section (in CQL reports), or hit F11 while in typing mode to expand/collapse the window. The query validation will be shown at the bottom while in full screen mode.
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