In this product update you will find updates on:

  • Script Integrations.
  • Reports Folders.
  • Charts Zoom Scrollbar.
  • Improved Live Events design.
  • Reports Parameters.

New / Improved Features:

Script Integrations

Script integration is a new type of Cooladata data sources. Cooladata enables you now to write or use R and Python scripts which connects Cooladata with any third-party application and to import the data to your Cooladata project.

Cooladata Script-Integrations

You could either write your own script using a generic R or Python template or use one of our templates which were written and designed by our analytical experts to easily guide users about the necessary details to complete the connection between Cooladata and the integrated app and to save the imported data as a table on your Cooladata project.

Oracle Bronto Script-Integration

Reports Folders

In order to keep all of your data well organized, we added folders to the project reports. This will allow you to organize your reports according to the categories you like.

For more information about the Reports Folders please see our
Folders documentation.

Charts Zoom Scrollbar

Improved charts visualization functionality: added Zoom Scrollbar capability.

The Zoom Scrollbar displays the whole chart breakdown scale and allows you to focus on a specific range by choice. This will enable you to see your data in a different perspective and to understand specific patterns over a selected period of time.

Chats Zoom Scrollbar

Improved Live Events design

We Improved the Live Events page, which from now on will be faster and will display the data in a more readable way.

Reports Parameters

Another new Cooladata feature is the Parameters.
Parameters are variables, that allow you to define key and value, and by that inject any value you want to the query.

For more information about the Reports Parameters please see our
Parameters documentation.

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