Released starting 3 September 2020

Path Builder

Path Builder now has these enhancements

Expand events (Events breakdown by properties)

Users can now choose to expand the results of path analysis by a particular property to see how it may impact customer journeys. Each event can be expanded by a single property. For example, users can break down the “add_to_cart” event by the “item_name” property to see the most common items added to cart.

To to do so, under path analysis click the “Expand Events” button, and choose the desired event:

Reverse order

Users can create Sankeys that appear in reverse order to focus on the end of the path and present the results from right to left. To enable reverse order, on the report settings turn on the “Reverse order” toggle: 

Hide drop offs

For some of the journeys use cases, the focus is more on the journey’s side and less on the drop-offs. Now, with a simple click (under visualization settings) users can hide drop offs from the Path report visualizations. 

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