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Released starting June 2021.

Experience Cloud Connector

CX Journeys can now ingest respondent data directly from Medallia Experience Cloud. Experience Cloud writes the respondent event data to a CSV file. Using this connector, CX Journey periodically collects the CSV file(s) and adds that data to the CX journey for each identified respondent.

Note: This feature is only available to super users (Medallia Professional Services).

To implement the connector use the Medallia Experience Cloud Integration wizard to:

  1. Identify the CSV file to ingest, and identify the CX Journey fields that uniquely identify the respondent (users). The default fields are Phone and Email.
  2. Map the fields in the CSV file that identify the respondent (user) to their corresponding CX Journey fields.
  3. Define the events to collect. For each define:
    • Event name — The name of the event, such as “page_load” or “add_to_cart”.
    • Event timestamp — Date/time when the event occurred, which is usually the time when the event record was created: “Creation Date”
    • Additional properties included in the event file and which need to be recorded as part of the event in CX Journeys.
  4. Specify a name for the connector and define the schedule of when to collect events. Optionally include an email for whom to notify if an error occurs during the ingestion.

Amazon S3 & SFTP Integrations

Project administrators (and above) can now connect their data to CX Journeys integration table using Amazon S3 & SFTP as the data source.

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