Released starting November 2021.

New UI capabilities and enhanced report builders

New visualizations and and other enhancements have improved the UI capabilities.  

Excluding conditions using the “Not” toggle 

Path reports can now select paths that are NOT matching a certain criteria. For example, you can see all the journeys that are starting with anything but "Registration", that are not followed by a "Purchase" event, but are followed by an "Item Selected" event. 

You can switch the "Not" toggle on/off to build the report, as follows:

You can also use the translated CQL version of the report using the keyword “NOT” in our syntax, as follows:

Journeys that “Match” certain events

You can use the “match” criteria to ensure a certain event is part of the journey.

As shown below, the results include both the paths that start with the “reload” and paths that contain “reload” in a different position. In both cases, the “reload” event is followed by the event “Navigate” . 

Results are as follows:

Scatter-Plot Visualization

This release includes Scatter-Plot visualization, which enhances capabilities to present segment’s values distribution. Scatter-Plot is used to visualize the relationships between data in two dimensions and emphasize the differences between segments. 

Once that visualization is selected in CQL/KPI widgets, the setting allows you to switch between the X and Y axis, modify the labels, and hide partial values just by clicking on them.

Improved SanKey visualization

The Sankey journey visualization has been enhanced to display the top 50 journeys on a graph (previously, it was 15). The graph attributes were modified to show more pillars (touchpoints) on the screen.

New Solution “Contact Center” template added to out-of-the-box projects with cloning capabilities

The solution is based on data imported from the MEC contact center and contains a schema design, metadata calculations, reports, and dashboard. For more information please use this link. To create a copy of the template, click the “New project” icon.

Then apply the required information on the following settings page: 

Alphabetical order in “Cohort by property”

Select the property name (“ip_country” in the following example) to sort the cohort results in alphanumeric order (Ascending/Descending), not only by the cohort size.    

New database functionality added — Support Stored procedure and user-defined functions calls

Support User Defined Function (UDF)

You can now execute user_defined functions enabled in CX-Journeys parser. Developers can now create a function in BigQuery written in SQL or JavaScript and operate it in a report. 

In the following example, a function was created that calculates Levenshtein distance between 2 strings in BigQuery (by your PS team). You can now execute that code using the prefix BQROUTINE in the function call, as show in the following examples:

Result: 0

Result: 0

The function is created in BigQuery as follows: 

AS (concat(x,y));

And is callable from any part pf the CQL. For example: 

Machine learning model calls supported 

If your data scientist created a machine learning model for you in Google BQML to predict or classify your data, the parser can now display the model prediction results in CX-Journeys. 

For example, in an out-of-the-box model we created in our Contact Center Solution to classify the segment of your customer based on behavioral history, the results of the prediction could be presented in CQL as following:

On the result page, you will see the predicted value of the segment (0/1/2) and the probability of that prediction. 

The following model functions are now supported: PREDICT, FORECAST, DETECT_ANOMALIES, RECONSTRUCTION_LOSS 

New published case studies

Our product marketing group worked with our customers and created a case study with our customer Lior Ash from Here is a Link for this case study. 

More case studies will be created soon.

Updated documentation pages

Modifications to our documentation are ongoing, covering the new features and enhanced content.  

Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AA compliance)

CX-Journeys has improved and passed WCAG 2.1 AA Assessment compliance requirements. 

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