Drillthrough Reports enable you to drill through (zoom in) to a section of a report by clicking it, and opening another preconfigured report, filtered to that category’s data.

For example, define a report broken down by days, and another report broken down by hours. By linking the first to the latter, you can click any date in the first report chart to zoom in to that day’s hourly breakdown. The same would work for any breakdown, not just by time, considering the linked report supports filtering by the selected property (see more below).


  • Can link from the following visualizations: Table, Line, Area, Bar, Column, Combo, Pie, Geo.
  • Cannot use linked report in Embedded Reports


Define Drillthrough Reports

  1. In the report editing page, from Report Options  choose Drillthrough Reports:
  2. In the opened window, choose up to 5 reports (from the same project) that will be linked to from this report. An indication will be added to the report page that Drillthrough Reports are in use – “Drillthrough” label next to report options.
  3. Make sure the linked reports you choose support filtering by the X axis dimension, i.e. include this property in the data.
    For example, if you link a report running over Cooladata to a report running on an Aggregation Table, the Aggregation Table must include the property used as the first report’s X axis.


Drillthrough from Chart

Once a drillthrough has been defined, click any point in the chart to select the x axis value the linked report will be filtered by.

  1. Hover over a point in the chart. You will see an indication in the tooltip: “Click to drill through“.
  2. Click the point to choose from a list of linked reports.
  3. Once a report has been selected it will be displayed instead of the current report (i.e. in the same preview area).
    The new report will be filtered by the data point you clicked.
    For example, if you chose to drill through on a specific date, say January 1st, 2017, the new report will only show data for January 1st, 2017.
  4. The report header will show a Back icon to return to the last report shown.


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