Onboarding and Tracking

  • Use Cooladata Tagger to get started tracking web events quickly and easily: use CoolaData Tagger when implementing the Cooladata tracker on a website. Find the tutorial video and instruction on the project tracking page and in the documentation.


Analysis and Data Visualization


Filter, group and analyze your user’s behavior using the new Cooladata behavioral segments:

  • Create segments: create segments from cohort report, by intersecting advanced behavioral conditions in the segment builder, or using any CQL query in the segments query editor.
  • Use segments: use segments in any part of the platform –  filters reports and dashboards, group users in reports according to their segment, or in any CQL query.

See the tutorial videos and documentation for more information, or contact us for any further assistance.



Improved funnel report

A new and improved Funnel report and visualization, including multiple new features:

  • Use the funnel visualization in any report: specifically CQL, allowing you to write more complex funnel queries.
  • Use any visualization in funnel report: allowing you to view the data in table, pivot or any other visualization.
  • Show the first steps breakdown height according to their value: previously all steps were normalized to 100%. Now you can change this by toggling “Absolute step height” on.
  • Show global conversion rate under steps: available when you have 3 or more steps, toggle “Step global conversion rate” on to show the under global conversion rate steps 3 and up.
  • Export selected users from multiple categories: choose any sections in the same step and choose any options from “Explore users” to export them all together. Clicking another step would reset the selection. Previously only one category could be exported at a time.
  • First 5 breakdown categories are selected by default: up to 5 categories will be shown by default when breakdown is used. Remove the breakdown (click the trash bin icon next to it) to see the total figures.
  • More intuitive tooltips: hover any part of the visualization to show explanatory tooltips of the data displayed.



Additional features and improvements

  • Use any filter operator: define any condition using filers. Filters now show all supported operators for the each property according to its data type.
  • Use aliases in Ranking report: give the report measures and dimension friendlier names by setting aliases in the report builder.
  • Navigate pages quickly using pagination: quickly scroll through multiple results in table visualization and lists using the paginations, including jump to first/last page buttons.
  • Arrange your dashboard as you wish: size and position dashboard item as you’d like. Item sizes are now completely flexible. To reset the dashboard item’s position and size click the dashboard options icon (ellipses) and choose “Reset reports size”.
  • Project schema shows property data types: see each property data type in your project from the Schema icon (top right).


Data Management

  • Run Aggregation Tables on linked data sources: create aggregation tables or import data from any Linked Data Sources to Cooladata by running Aggregation Tables queries from any data sources, as you would in CQL report.
  • Full AppsFlyer integration: seamlessly stream all your AppsFlyer data into Cooladata. All the events will now be available in Cooladata, as opposed to only app installs previously, allowing you to run deeper analysis on your user’s behavior.
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