Cooladata’s predefined integration to Google AdWords enables you to upload data from your Google AdWords account reports into your Cooladata project, and enrich your events data with information such as CTR (Click Through Rate), keywords, costs, etc., in order to link your marketing efforts to your users’ behavior.

Tip: We recommend adding the utm_campaign parameter to pass the AdWords Campaign ID in each of your ad’s URL, so you can link users’ activity to the specific ads. Use Google campaign URL builder to simplify the creation of URLs with parameters. Example:[Campaign ID]



  1. On the Integration page, click the + button and choose Google Adwords.
  2. Enter an Integration Name.
  3. If you want to be notified of update issues by email, under advanced, enter the emails you want to address.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. In the popup that opens, sign in to your Adwords account, and click Allow to authorize Cooladata to access your data. Note to use an advertiser (not a manger) account.

The first import process will start in a few minutes. On the first run the process will fetch data for the last 30 days. To fetch additional data please contact your CSM.

Cooladata automatically updates the data from your Google AdWords account twice a day, at 8AM & 8PM UTC, each time fetching data for the last 3 days, to ensure data completeness.

Once the import process is done, the Status column on the Integrations page for this integration will show “Data Fetched”.

If the integration process fails for any reason, the Status column will show “Failed” – error details can be found in the integration History.

Please notice that Google does not support reporting access for manager accounts so make sure the user you are using has access to the advertiser (non-manager) account.


Table Schemas

The integration fetches the following Adwords reports from all accounts assigned to the user:

  • Account Performance
  • Ad Group Performance
  • Ad Performance
  • Age Range Performance
  • Campaign Performance
  • Click Performance
  • Gender Performance
  • Geo Performance
  • Keywords Performance

See the full schema of each report here:

The corresponding tables in Cooladata will be:

  • adwords_account
  • adwords_adgroup
  • adwords_ad
  • adwords_age_range
  • adwords_campaigns
  • adwords_clicks
  • adwords_gender
  • adwords_geo
  • adwords_keywords
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