Intercom is a powerful set of tools for better managing your company’s customer support system. It includes a help center with a feedback system, which you can use to focus future articles on the growing needs of your customers, and it also provides a robust conversation system that allows you to assign support teams to customers based on specific criteria (about the customer or discussion topic), rather than just based on availability. Intercom is designed to create a more effective customer support network by specifically tracking and targeting your customers’ needs.

Cooladata’s integration with Intercom empowers marketers to understand the entire user journey, and the impact of Intercom on their users’ lifetime and value.

The integration runs daily, updating the previous day’s end of day data in each table. See the full tables schemes below:

  • intercom_conversations
  • intercom_users

To integrate Intercom to your Cooladata project please contact your customer success manager or email us at


Table Name: intercom_conversations



Table Name: intercom_users



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