Jobs allow you to schedule a sequence of tasks that will run consecutively, one after the other, once the previous task has been completed. This enables you to create more advanced processes on your data, without manual intervention, such as running aggregations over other aggregations, and conditioning alerts to only run once an integration has been updated.


Segments are open to non-admin users

Non-admin users can now create new and update their own segments. Segments are accessible from the Project menu, where they can be created or edited, or can be created from Funnel and Cohort reports – Explore users.


Updated integrations page

The integrations page has been revised to be easier to use.
The list shows the integration type, name, table names for querying, last update and current status.
Each integration shows run history (from the row options).

Supported integration types:

  • Google Cloud Storage: fully customizable
  • Gmail: fully customizable
  • Google AdWords: default integration, updated daily
  • Facebook Ads: default integration, updated daily
  • MailChimp: custom integration – contact your CSM to implement


Query integration tables using KPI report

The KPI report now supports querying integration tables. To do so:

  1. Open a new KPI report
  2. From the top right of the form area, click the data source button (“Cooldata” by default).
  3. From the tables list, select the integration table you would like to query.
  4. If the table contains a timestamp column, select it. This will allow you to use the date picker and time breakdowns.


Mobile friendly publications email

The publications email has been updated to fit any device, including mobile devices. Attached images can be expanded to full size (method depends on the device OS).


Default Real Time dashboard

Projects enabled for Real Time reports will include a preset dashboard with common reports. This allows you to monitor your data in real time, as you would in other tools. Contact your CSM to enable Real Time reports in your project.

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