The Live Events page displays the full details of the last 1,001 events received in your project. It is specifically useful for monitoring incoming data and identifying invalid events or properties, conflicts in data schema, and other unexpected data issues.

Each row describes a single event.
Columns include all Common Properties collected by Cooladata, and special columns:

  • validation: valid/invalid/pending (a new event that will be added to the schema if valid)
  • invalidComments: will specify the reason if the event is invalid.
  • extraComments: will specify any changes made to the event data (such as invalid properties removed).
    For more information see Handling Invalid Events.
  • raw_data: shows the full events JSON string.



The page provides the following functions:

  • Search: click Search to filter the list to only show events which contain specific values. The search applies to all columns by default, but can be narrowed down to only apply to a specific column.
  • Refresh: click Refresh at the top right to update the list with the latest 101 events.
  • Select columns: click Select columns at the top right to choose which columns to display in the list.
  • See raw event data: click any row to see the original event JSON as received by Cooladata.


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