Analysis and Data Visualization

  • New report – Real Times: see real-time user and event counters, broken down by time, device, region or event type. Reports can be set to update automatically every 1-10 minutes, or manually updated from the preview buttons. The report supports all visualization types and can be used as any other report: in dashboard, embedded and publications. Notes: sheet/dashboard filters do not apply to Real Times reports, nor can they be exported. To active Real Times reports please contact your CSM or email us at
  • Combined Chart: create richer charts by combining multiple types into one and customizing axis, number format and more. We’ve combined Line, Bar, Column and Area charts to a single type of chart – Combined Chart. To customize the chart, click the options icon next to the measure name and change the settings in the menu below. Note: stacked charts only allow to stack measures on top of one another if they are of the same chart type, and on the same axis (the option is hidden when this isn’t the configuration).


Data Management

  • Segment integration: track Cooladata events using the trackers. Please contact your CSM or email us at for additional information.

  • Upload events from data files: upload historical events data or current data tracked by external systems from files. You can upload files from S3 storage, either public or private (by entering your secret key), as well as from any other service which only requires a URI. Note that we don’t store any credentials information – it is only used once to upload the file. Uploaded filed take up to an hour to be added to your project, at which point you will be notified by email of the upload result.

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