Analysis and Data Visualization

  • KPI breakdown combined dropdown: Choose KPI breakdowns from one dropdown. The list contains time breakdowns, and then property breakdowns by the property scope.
  • Add report to dashboard pop-up: Click the “Add report” button (or green circle on empty sheet) now opens a popup with the following options:
    • Saved Reports: opens the reports list sidebar. Search and select the report you want to add, and click “Add” to add them to the sheet.
    • Filter: add a filter tool to the sheet. Open the filter configuration screen. Configure your filter and click “Apply” to add it to the sheet, or click cancel to go back to the sheet without adding it.
    • New report: select a report type to open the corresponding report page. Save and Close the report to add it to the sheet and return to it.
  • Export confirmation: clicking on export will now show a confirmation message: “Your file is being prepared and will be downloaded shortly.”. You can continue working and navigate away from the page while the download is being, and you will be prompted by your browser to save the file once it’s ready.
  • Removed “Default project” button and added the project ID to the project Settings page.
  • Configure table view font size: choose the text font size from the table view configuration. Sizes range from 9 px to 40 px.
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