Help and support

New help menu

The new menu includes a variety of support channels, to help you make the most of your experience on Cooladata. Click the  button at the top right corner from anywhere in the app to open it.
The new help menu includes:

  • Live chat: contact our live support via on-screen online chat. Live chat is available Sunday-Thursday on Israel working hours, or leave a message at any other time and we will get back to you as soon as we resume operations!
  • Cooladata Docs: link to the documentation –
  • FAQ: link to the FAQ page –
  • Query Bank: link to the Behavioral Analytics Query Bank –
  • What’s new: link to the release notes page –
  • Getting Started: show the “new user tutorials”: “Explore the Dashboard”, “Create and add reports”, and “Create your first project” – you can restart them, or try them out if you haven’t had a chance to yet. Note that the first tutorial must be started when in a dashboard.



Data Management

Events and properties relation in Schema

In response to multiple requests, we’ve added a new feature to the project Schema panel – properties to events relation. Now, to see all the properties sent with a specific event, simply expand that event in the schema, and to see all the events a certain property is sent with, expand that event in the schema. This should make it easier to query all the data relevant to your events, without missing any important properties.

Properties sent with each event Events each property is sent with


Linked Data Sources in Schema

The project Schema now also provides you direct access to your Linked Data Sources metadata. If you have any Linked Data Sources set up, open the Linked Data Sources section to show the connections you’ve set up. Expand a connection to query all the tables it contains (this can take a moment). Expand a table to query all the data columns in contains (this can take a moment).


To query a Linked Data Sources, from CQL reports, use:

FROM <connection_type>.<table_name>
FROM external.<table_name>

For example:

SELECT AuditDate
FROM bigquery.audit


Full property list discovery

We’ve been working hard to give you more transparency on the data schema in your projects. As an additional feature to the Schema panel, CQL reports now support the use of

FROM cooladata

This will display:

  1. All the project’s active properties, not including virtual properties.
  2. Limited to top 1,000 rows (query must include “LIMIT” of up to 1,000).


“First value” properties

Properties (non-virtual) no support saving the first received value. When on, saves the first value received for each user/session (according to the property scope) after the property was created.
Note, does not apply to event scope, as will always save the data sent. “First value” cannot be modified after the property was created (on edit), only on new properties. This also allows you to create multiple properties from the same data source – up to 5 different scopes and first/last configurations (see table below).

For example, these are the result you will get when querying first value properties*, as opposed to their default, last value, counterparts:

Session Event (default) User first User last (default) Session first Session last (default)
1st a a f a c
1st b a f a c
1st c a f a c
2nd d a f d f
2nd e a f d f
2nd f a f d f

* The last session and user data values above are only applicable to queries on session/user level properties. Event level queries will display the last value that was sent up to that specific event. For more information see the FAQ, or contact us at

In addition, all the following properties have been added as default common properties to all projects:

Name Scope Source
user_first_utm_source User utm_source
user_first_utm_campaign User utm_campaign
user_first_utm_content User utm_content
user_first_utm_medium User utm_medium
user_first_utm_term User utm_term
user_first_referring_domain User referring_domain
user_first_referring_url User referring_url
session_first_referring_domain Session referring_domain
session_first_referring_url Session referring_url


Segment and Amazon Kinesis support

Cooladata now supports two new event sources – Segment and Amazon Kinesis. This expands the variety of channels for you to send data to Cooladata, thus aggregating even more data to a single platform. See the individual documentation pages, or the Data Sources page in the app for more information



Analysis and Data Visualization

Report “Save as”

Quickly create copies or variations of an existing report. From the save button, hit the arrow next to it a select “Save as”, to save your latest changes to a separate report. You can name the new report anyway you’d like. Note that the app will not navigate to the newly created report – to quickly go to it click the link in the confirmation message.


Configure decimal points in table view

The table view settings now allow you to configure the decimals points for number. The default is 3, you can select up to 9.

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