Analysis and Data Visualization

  • Configurable Pivots – You can now control which Pivot functionality the end-users have access to (changing the rows/columns, export, formatting etc.). This also affects the functionality available when embedding the reports in an external web page.

Data Management

  • Removing unnecessary events – you can now deactivate unnecessary events (that are either obsolete or were created by mistake). Once you do they will not appear in the events drop downs in the various templates. Click the top right eye icon to show/hide disabled events in the project’s events list.


  • Trusted IPs – We now support white-list restrictions for Query API – you can define a list or a range of IPs that are allowed to query your project’s dataset. All other IPs will be blocked.


  • Cookie expiration is now configurable – we added a parameter to the JavaScript SDK to control the cookie expiration period.
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