Salesforce develops CRM solutions that help customers increase sales, improve customer service, collaborate with their team, and develop customized applications on the Salesforce platform.

Integrating Salesforce into your Cooladata account will and allow you to enrich the behavioral data tracked by Cooladata with your CRM data.

Setting up the Salesforce integration will fetch the following Salesforce objects. The corresponding Cooladata table names are noted in brackets:

  • Leads (sf_Lead)
  • Opportunities (sf_ Opportunity)
  • Accounts (sf_ Account)
  • Contacts (sf_ Contact)
  • Price books (sf_ Pricebook2)
  • Products (sf_ Product2)
  • Campaigns (sf_ Campaign)
  • Events (sf_ Event)

All the above objects’ fields, standard and custom, are fetched. See each object’s standard fields list here:

Data is updated daily. To configure a specific update hour please contact us at

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