Analysis and Data Visualization

  • Improved KPI design: The KPI report has been redesigned to make it faster and easier to configure. Add up to 10 KPIs, set individual conditions for each KPI, and add breakdowns by time or property value, all in a friendly, non SQL interface.
  • Dashboard tabs: Navigate dashboard sheets quickly and easily using tabs. Drag&drop to reorder, edit, add and remove sheets to a dashboard, and scroll through any number of sheets in any dashboard.
  • Sheet and full screen URLs: The dashboard URL is now sheet-specific, and includes an indication for fullscreen (/fullscreen), so that you can share a URL that points directly to the view you need.
  • Improved filter viewer controls: The filter tool in dashboards can now be configured to be editable by dashboards viewer. By default, viewers will only be able to see the conditions set in the tool, and not edit them. Open the filter’s configuration to change this setting and allow them to edit the conditions’ values in the filter.
  • “OR” filter logical operator: Report and dashboard filters now allow you to use the logical operator “OR” instead of “AND” for all the filter’s conditions.
  • Open in new tab: Added a function to open reports and dashboards in a new tab, from the list option (right side of each row).

Data Management

  • Improved live events search: Added a function to filter the live events display by searching specific columns.
  • Added validity information to live events: Added three columns to the live events page (can be selected from the columns list):
    • validation: valid/invalid/pending (a new event that will be added to the schema if valid)
    • invalidComments: will specify the reason if the event is invalid.
    • extraComments: will specify any changes made to the event data.
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