The project settings page allows you to modify the following details:

Project Name

Rename the project. This does not effect your data or any of your reports or dashboards.

Session Timeout

Session lengths in CoolaData end after dead time, or after an event reaches the session configuration max time (the default is 30 minutes). Consult our Customer Success team to change the session length configuration. For more, read our blog post about sessionization.

Client Timestamp Override

Event timestamps is derived from the client device, or forced to take the project timestamp. It can be configured in the CoolaData admin tool.

Data Scheme Configuration

When updating your meta data, any project in CoolaData can be set to one of the following three modes:

  • Locked – Lock the mapping. Do not store new properties and event names. Default value. New events are marked as invalid and are not stored. New properties are removed from events, i.e. the event is valid and saved, but does not save the new properties.
  • Self-Learned – Automatically add new event names and properties to the mapping and store values. All new events and properties are stored. If any of the properties in the event is invalid, the entire event will be marked invalid and will not be stored. Also pay attention that the process of recognizing and registering new entries to the schema can take up to 5 minutes; new entries that will be received in this period might be marked invalid until the schema is updated.

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