Create a new dashboard

  1. Open your workspace in the CoolaData Administrator console and select Dashboards 5-3.
  2. Click the Add + button. The following displays:
    GSSC 7
  3. Enter a name for the Dashboard and click Create. The new dashboard is displayed.
  4. To change the dashboard’s name, simply click the name and type over it.3-2

Add reports to the dashboard

  1. From the top right corner click the Add Reports button.
  2. Either choose Saved Reports to add an existing report, or New Report to create a new one. From here you can also add filters and descriptions to the sheet.
  3. To edit a report in a dashboard click the Edit button in the top right corner of the report. Note that you must have edit permission on the report to do this (only the report creator or project admin).


Events will show up in the Dashboard within an hour or two of being received by CoolaData.


Share your Dashboard

The dashboard owner and editors can share a dashboard with anyone who has permission to the same projects. This gives them access to the dashboard and notifies them by email.

  1. In the dashboard, select Share GSSC 23 from the top right corner. The following panel opens:
    GSSC 21
  2. Copy the link and send it to anyone who already has permission to the dashboard to access it directly.
  3. In the Invite people field, select the people with whom to share this dashboard, and assign them View or Edit permissions. Only people who already have permission to the project can be invited to share your dashboard.
    • View: can see the dashboard and change the filter and date range for their own usage.
    • Edit: can make any change to the dashboard.
  4. Users who already have access to the dashboard are listed below – from here you can manage (change/remove) permission of users who already have access to the dashboard.



You can also

Add sheets

  1. Click on the Add + button to the right of the sheet tabs.
  2. Click on the down arrow to next to the sheet name to Rename, Duplicate or Delete it.

Set the dashboard date range

This timeframe applies to all reports in the dashboard unless the report is set to ignore external date range.

  1. Click the dates at the top right:  GSSC 18
  2. Select a timeframe for the Dashboard.

Set the dashboard filters

These filters apply to all reports in the dashboard unless the report is set to ignore external filters.
See more in Dashboard Filters.

  1. Click the Dashboard Filters 3-12 button at the top right.
  2. Set the desired filters and click apply.

Edit saved dashboards

You can open any dashboard you have permission on.
You can only edit/delete a dashboard if you are its owner, or if you were given editor permission on it.

  1. Open CoolaData and select Dashboards 5-3 – a list of the dashboards to which you have permission is displayed.
  2. Click any row to open the dashboard.
  3. To delete a dashboard click the row options and choose Delete, or from inside the dashboard open the dashboard option and choose Delete.
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