Taboola is a discovery-driven content marketing service for both advertisers and publishers that is designed to offer visitors highly personalized external content while they engage with a publisher’s website. Taboola accomplishes this level of personalization through a predictive analysis engine that looks at a wide range of data points, including demographic data, browsing history, purchase history, etc. Then, it chooses and displays the discovery links that are most likely to engage those visitors, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Cooladata’s integration with Taboola empowers marketers to understand the impact of Taboola campaigns on their users’ lifetime and value.

The integration runs daily, updating the previous day’s end of day data in each table. The following tables are fetched according to the account type. See the full tables schemes below:

  • taboola_items: for publishers
  • taboola_campaigns: for advertisers

To integrate Taboola to your Cooladata project please contact your customer success manager or email us at


Table Name: taboola_items

FieldData TypeDescriptionExample
ad_revenueFLOATThe revenue generated from Sourced Content in
Taboolaâ s widgets
ad_rpmFLOATPage revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is
calculated by dividing your revenue by the number of
page views with SC, multiplied by 1000. = Rev Share
From Taboola / Page Views With SC * 1000
ad_visit_rpmFLOATPage revenue per thousand visits (Ad RPM per Visit)
is calculated by dividing the revenue by the number
of visits, multiplied by 1000. = Ad Revenue / Visits
* 1000
bounce_rateFLOATRepresents the percentage of visits which resulted
with the user leaving the site after viewing only
one page
currencySTRINGThe currency of the currency unitsUSD
landing_pageSTRINGThe landing page’s id4959863019856879905
landing_page_thumbSTRINGThe landing page’s thumbnail url
landing_page_urlSTRINGThe landing page’s url
page_viewsINTEGERA page view is counted every time a user views a
page displaying a unit. We will count one page view
regardless of the number of widgets presented on the
page_views_with_ads_pctFLOATThe Fill Rate is calculated by dividing the number
of views with ads by the number of page views. =
Views with Ads / Page Views
publisherSTRINGpartner id of the publisher / site in the Taboola platformpartner site 10
publisher_nameSTRINGDisplay name for publisher as displayed in Taboola Backstagepartner site 10
views_visitINTEGERRepresent the average number of page views initiated
by each visit (= page views/visits)
visitsINTEGERA visit is counted every time a user starts a
session, arriving to the site from the specified
referral. A visit can initiate 1 or more page views


Table Name: taboola_campaigns

FieldData TypeDescription
dateTIMESTAMPrecord insert time
campaign_nameSTRINGHumanreadable Campaign name
campaign_idINTEGERNumeric ID of Campaign
clicksFLOATTotal number of clicks
impressionsINTEGERTotal number of impressions
spentFLOATTotal spent amount
ctrFLOATAverage CTR (ClickThroughRate). Calculated as: Clicks/Impressions
cpmFLOATAverage CPM (CostPer 1000 Impressions). Calculated as: Spend / Impressions
cpcFLOATAverage CPC of total clicks. Calculates as: Spend/Clicks
cpaFLOATAverage CPA (CostPerAction). Calculated as: Spend / Actions
cpa_actions_numINTEGERTotal number of actions (also referred as conversions)
cpa_conversion_rateFLOATAverage Conversion Rate. Calculated as: Actions / Clicks
currencySTRINGThe currency for columns of type “money”
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