In this product update you will find updates on:

  • Path analysis visualization (Sankey)
  • New enhanced date picker
  • Additional customized chart color palettes
  • Improved KPI report functionality: added Having and Sort by capabilities
  • Firebase support
  • Google Standard SQL support (We continue to support Legacy SQL)
  • Date condition for merging Aggregation and Models tables
  • UI / UX improvements
  • Shipment and cache notifications
  • Ability to download models logs


New / Improved Features:

  • Path analysis visualization (Sankey)
    We are aware that the best way to get insights is by visualizing the data, so we’ve looked for a better way to present the users journey: Meet our new Sankey visualization!
    It allows you to read the users actions in a simple and easy way and can help you maximize your conclusions about your users’ flow. It available in Path builder and CQL editor and the colors of the graph can be controlled through the visualization setting
  • New enhanced date picker
    We designed a new date picker that expands the querying abilities and improves the user experience.
    now you can query your data with more time functions including:
    – “Last N Days“: counting days back, not including the current day. In order to include the current day just set the “Include today” toggle ON.
    – “Previous N Weeks / Months / Quarters / Years“: Calculates calendar time period, that do not include the current ones.
    – “Current Week / Month / Quarter / Year“: calculates the current calendar time period.

    Custom date range by hours: adds the option to define start hour at the start date and end hour at the end date.
  • Additional customized chart color palettes
    We expanded our charts color palette and as from today, each report could be set with a different color palette to allow the best fit for your site’s design.
    In order to choose a new palette, open the report and change the color palette on the visualization setting.

  • Improved KPI report functionality: added Having and Sort by capabilities
    Cooladata added an advanced menu to the KPI report which enables you to add “HAVING” and “SORT BY” SQL function to the KPI query.
    The advanced menu will be shown at the bottom of the builder once the KPI report has at least one custom step and a breakdown.
    This ability allows you to filter aggregated reports  easily.

    For more information see our KPI documentation.
  • Firebase support
    Based on customer feedback and spotting an underserving in firebase analytics we released special features to help companies that rely on firebase as a development platform.

    1. JSON flattening at the ETL level for deserializing nested JSON and matching it to the known schema of firebase.  The result is the ability to query and not having to worry about unesting.
    2. Multiple project consolidation – companies running two projects or more enjoy consolidation for enhanced querying and comparison. This is also a significant cost reduction.
    3. Unlimited properties per event – 25 unique parameters with each event type. With Cooladata, there is no limit to the number of custom properties and dimensions per event.
    4. Enriching from Firebase real-time database – we managed to combine and manage update all properties and dimensions from Firebase into the fact table. We make it more efficient, producing insights by merging both raw and real-time data.
      For more information see our documentation.
  • Google Standard SQL support
    Up until now, Cooladata enabled running freehand queries over Cooladata using Standard SQL with CQL editors only. Cooladata now supports create a fully standard project, which automatically will support external tables with Standard dialect, support standard expressions and will allow querying the data with KPI report as part of a strategic plan to migrate Cooladata to operate in Standard SQL, encompassing all the advantages of the language, including performance enhancements, query optimizations and superior functionality.
    For more information about the new Standard SQL functions (like “Unnest”, “With”, “Array” etc.) see our Standard SQL documentation.
  • Date condition for merging Aggregation and Models tables
    Up until now, using “Append and Update strategy” allowed you to update existing rows (according to a unique key) and append new rows to the destination table. Starting from toady, Cooladata allows adding to partitions tables (Aggregation Tables or Models) with “Append and Update strategy” days filter (based on the partitions column) which enables to replace only the latest tables’ rows. This feature improves executions’ performance and helps to manage huge tables.
  • UI / UX improvements: Saving lists filters during the session and open in a new tab
    We’ve listened to our customers’ requests and continue to improve our user interface. As parts of our efforts, we enabled to keep the list’s filters until the end of the session. This includes the search, column filter, sorting, the active tab and the number of the presented results in the page (page size). In addition, we allow opening reports, dashboards and tasks in a new tab using CTRL+Click/middle mouse click.
  • Shipment and cache notifications
    In order to improve query performance, Cooladata uses extensively caching and shipment.
    Whenever a report is executed, Cooladata notify the user whether the data returned from the cache or used shipment 
    Controlling whether a report will use cache, as well as shipment, could have never been easier. Just click on the “Report Options” and set the toggle ON or OFF

    For more information see our report options documentation.
  • Ability to download models logs
    We added all the attached logs files to each run, available for download at the “View logs” window


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